Finding out if Doncaster College has a subscription to a particular journal.

Google Scholar or Zetoc are great ways to search for relevant articles but they don’t usually provide full access unless the resource is free.  If you find something and you can’t get access via Google Scholar try our Search tool Discover as Doncaster College may have subscription to that title.

The best way to do this is  by making a note of the details, going to Discover and clicking on the Find Journals button at the top of  the screen and going direct to the journal provider and finding the article that way.

This is a great tip for if you find a resource on Google Scholar and want to know if Doncaster College subscribe to that title.



Criminal Justice Resources

This section contains links to useful online Criminal Justice Resources and will continually be added to as I find new resources.  Feel free to add links to useful Criminal Justice resources in the comments section.

Law courses and lectures online


Submitting Large files/dissertations via Turnitin

The maximum file size for an Turnitin assignment is 40mb and 400 pages (as at 27/6/17)

A really quick way to reduce a large Word document in size is by saving it as a compressed pdf  (see below for a screenshot of Word 2010). Click on FILE > SAVE AS then at the bottom change the SAVE AS TYPE section to PDF, click on the MINIMUM SIZE (PUBLISHING ONLINE) button. Then click on SAVE.

word pdf

If you have more than one file to submit you will need to merge them into one document (in Word if possible).  If you cannot manage this in Word try saving your Word doc as a PDF and scanning the addition items as PDFs and joining them using free PDF joining software such as PDF Mergy which is available as an app from Chrome Web Store (others apps are available).

pdf mergy

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A Librarian in the North of England.  I have worked in several institutions both FE and HE since I first started work in 1996.  My current new role is as an Information Specialist at Doncaster College.

Purpose of this Blog

The purpose of this blog is to help me keep track of all the different support information I have in my head. I am going to try and add resources I have found and I will also try and update at least once a week.


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